Wireless Trolling Motor. Technology to Catch More Fish

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Wireless remote systems that take control of your trolling motor allowing hands free and foot free operation. Small streamlined foot control remotes and hand held remotes save precious deck space and can continue on predetermined course or even anchor over a specific spot. With today's technology, you can even use your fish finder and gps to pinpoint and store favorite fishing routes.

Wireless trolling motors mark a key breakthrough in the history of trolling motors, an obvious next step in the evolution of hand and foot controlled system. It is the perfection of continued and noteworthy R&D venture to outline, design and fabricate most accurate and ergonomic framework to control a trolling motor. Lesser stress and greater ergonomics in captaining your boat results in more concentrated effort towards fishing – more fish!

Wireless trolling systems are a great fit for segregated fishermen who constantly find themselves fiddling with different hand or foot based control system options. It has been built to be dependable each day– and sturdy over the long term. A remote foot pedal is standard with freshwater models and a hand-held remote is standard with saltwater models. In addition, it has been made to be stealthy, tranquil and smooth. Also you'll additionally see elaborate features that make it safe and simple to use.

Wireless hand-held remote
The Wireless Hand-held Remote uses the same software/hardware control logic as the Wireless Foot Pedal with on/off, right/left and speedier/slower commands. The Hand-held Remote is generally run with a 3-volt battery that is good for approximately 20 hours of continuous use. Practically, the remote only uses power when sending signal to its commanding trolling motor. It is safe to expect good 500 to 600 hours of fishing out of your remote battery. Of course, your mileage will vary depending on the remote and battery used but you can still expect a highly efficient return. However it is still recommended that you must keep spare batteries in your supplies bag.

Wireless foot Pedal for precise control
Those accustomed to traditional foot controlled trolling motors would love this.  Early testers have described the experience as the most effortless to-use, most functional foot control schematic ever implemented for a trolling motor. On/off, right/left and speedier/slower remote motor orders make it a snap to ace for amateur and master alike. You now have basic, quick and exact wireless control of your boat's trolling motor from anyplace on the deck with a low-profile foot pedal. Unlike traditional foot controlled motors, those with smaller boats will find the experience as liberating. The freedom to place the foot pedal anywhere, at any angle is really flexible in finding your exact comfortable spot.