Why Buy a Trolling Motor?

A trolling motor is a small electric powered outboard engine that is normally mounted on the bow or transom of a small boat, offering a secondary mode of propulsion.

It consists of an engine that is confined in a water proof case which attaches to a prop shaft that, when submerged, prevents engine getting too hot. A propeller is attached to the other end of the shaft. This provides benefits for fishermen that bigger gasoline powered engines can not offer: precise boat control and quiet operation. It allows the fisherman to specifically maneuver a boat so an angler can cast a fishing line and bait to a specific place. For example, if a fisherman spots heavy insect activity close to the water surface of a lake, it might be a sign of heavy fish activity. He can then deftly position the boat in hopes of taking advantage of a feeding frenzy. The other advantage connects to the little size and electric operation. Trolling motors do not have the loud rumble of a 150hp engine, and will not frighten fish upon your arrival, especially when running along shallow areas of a lake. The bottom line is the better your ability to both control the boat and remain quiet, the higher your potential to capture a great deal of fish.