Saltwater Trolling Motors

Saltwater trolling motors are white. They are completely sealed and are designed to take the harsh corrosive saltwater. You can use a saltwater trolling motors in both salt and freshwater.

A saltwater trolling motors should be your choice if you plan to use your motor in the ocean, saltwater and brackish water creeks, rivers, etc.

Why a Saltwater Trolling Motor?

We all know what the salty sea waters are capable of. Salt water and metal were never meant for each other. Certain objects like boat hulls and engines, often submerged in deep waters can corrode easily thanks to the excessive sodium in saltwater. Moisture, oxygen and salt together are more damaging to metals than plain old rust. The combination eats the metal away causing it to fall apart. Saltwater can corrode three times faster than freshwater.

Trolling motors are often onetime expenditure and you don’t want your precious toy to be spoilt by some extra salt. Therefore a more reinforced T-motor that goes by the name of saltwater trolling motor is advised for those going out in the sea. The Saltwater motors use sodium chloride resistant metals, with overall design including stainless steel and aluminum. Further the electrical systems are totally sealed and are kept away from the reach of water.


Salt water motors often come in longer shaft lengths and provides more thrust and power. Saltwater motors are generally built as the heavy duty professional models and for bigger boats. You are not going to take a small boat out for a long expedition in sea. Although saltwater trolling motors are corrosion resistant, it does not mean that they require no care. The joints and fixes should be well washed and dried after each trip. Normal care with ensure many seasons of use.