Minn Kota vs MotorGuide

Minn Kota and MotorGuide have been rivals for a long time now. Both being the top tier brands, it is particularly difficult for the buyers to choose between them. We have pitched the two brands against each other in terms of quality, value, features and support of these brands so as to see which one is actually better.

1. Quality Comparison Having experienced both brands, it is safe to say that both offer the same quality products that are well built and reliable. Both of the brands have their manufacturing units in the United States hence maintain almost the same quality of products.

2. Value comparisonThe fact that the motors are too high priced depends on the range of features that they offer. So it is not fair to judge the price alone disregarding the product features. For accurate results, we compared MotorGuide Wireless series motor and PowerDrive V2 motor. The MotorGuide’s costs $75 less than the PowerDrive V2, while offering almost the same features. The Tour Series offered by MotorGuide also costs less than the Minn Kota Fortrex motors.

3. Features Comparison The slightly high prices that Minn Kota charges is justified by the advanced and heavy-duty feature set that the company offers. The Minn Kota motors are more elegantly and thoughtfully designed. They offer features like AutoPilot technology and i-Pilot, which MotorGuide motors lack. Other features include lift-assisting hydraulic mounts, composite shafts and spring-protected shaft mounts. So if comfort and convenience is what you want in a trolling motor then Minn Kota is the one for you.

4. Support Comparison Support is needed in the form of warranty, phone availability, and repairing centers. Starting with the warranties, Minn Kota offers a two year warranty for all motors, regardless of their model or value. MotorGuide, on the other hand, offers one or two year warranties for small models while a three year warranty is given for higher end models. So if you're aiming for a high end model, MotorGuide definitely has a plus point here. Minn Kota, however, has a great phone support and knowledgeable techs are available at all hours to offer any advice or help needed. MotorGuide's phone service is not up to the mark, but you can gain information anyway. Service centers are a very necessary part of service. Both the brands have established almost the same number of service centers. However, MotorGuide wins this competition for having way more service centers in the South than Minn Kota. So comparing all the above mentioned aspects, it is hard to declare conclusively that which one is better than the other. However, buyers looking for more features should go for Minn Kota while buyers looking for a cheap yet high quality motor are recommended to buy a MotorGuide.