Chapter 4: Importance of Trolling Motors and Prime Features

Chapter 4: Importance of Trolling Motors and Prime Features

Trolling motors have undoubtedly revolutionized fishing and have become one of the most integral possessions of anglers. Their importance was highlighted by the two well-known Springfield anglers Bill Myers and Tom Dodson, in a recent talk when appeared in State Park Marina, after catching a bunch of crappie. According to Bill Myers and Tom Dodson, it would've been almost impossible to stay steady in the fishing spot of crappie if not for trolling motors. Two other Springfield anglers Dennis and Theresa Hilman too, had some words of appraisal for the trolling motors too. After having a good day at fishing, they were convinced that fishing won't be possible without having a trolling motor at hand. Trolling motor helps to keep the fishing boat steady if it's a windy day, whereas it helps to move around the lake and find fish when there is no wind to help.

The commonly known as Trolling motors are more like electric fishing motors and have become a necessity of fishing. Trolling initially meant towing a lure at the rear end of the boat at a fast pace. However, fishing nowadays requires the fisherman to position the boat at a particular angle over the part of the water where fishes are most likely to be found. Apart from that, these electric trolling motors have also greatly helped anglers in fishing in areas that are shallow and covered with weed, an area where motors are of no use. In short, these electric fishing motors feature user-friendly controls and quick steering that help to keep the boat steady over a particular fishing spot.

While looking for a trolling motor, there are a number of things that need to be kept in mind. For instance, Trolling motors come in various sizes and thrust ratings, ranging from 24 to 101 pounds, which is enough to drag a canoe or a boat weighing around 3500 pounds.

Buying a new trolling motor can be a pretty hectic task since trolling motors come in all shapes and sizes and offer different features and specifications whose importance vary from person to person. There are quite a few things that need to be kept in mind while buying a trolling motor, to make sure that it is exactly what you need to fulfill your needs. It is highly recommended to keep in mind the basic features of trolling motors such as thrust ability and length of shaft, while calculating the technical aspects of the trolling motor before buying one to find a perfectly suited model for your fishing needs.

 It is important to keep in mind the amount of thrust that the trolling motor is capable of delivering. If the thrust is too little, the motor won't be propelled by the boat and if it's too less, the boat will over-power the motor. It is recommended to consider the weight of the boat, and the number of people and things that the boat has to carry before buying a trolling motor. The larger and heavier the boat, the more thrust is required to keep it under control. Generally, five pounds of thrust is needed for two hundred pounds of weight.

The voltage of the motor must be considered before buying it. Voltages vary country to country manufacturer to manufacturer, however a normal sized boat that is to be used for fishing for an entire day generally needs a maximum of 24 volts. A small boat that is to be used for a short period of time may only require 12 volts of power. Moreover, the mounting of the trolling motor is an important factor to consider too. Trolling motors can be mounted either at the rearmost or the front part of the boat, depending on your style of fishing. Traditional anglers who prefer back troll should go for transom mounting but now mounting is more preferable for fishermen who wish to fish in windy spots and need their boat to be kept under control. The motors come with various options to either lock or unmount the motor. Small sized trolling motors are generally easy to carry but the bigger ones need to be taken care of and handled skillfully.

The optimal length of the trolling motor depends on whether the motor is to be bow mounted or transom mounted. For bow mounting, find out the length of the boat from the waterline to the top of the bow, and for transom mounting you can measure the length of the boat from the transom to the waterline. Next, add eighteen inches to the measured length to get the optimal length that you will need while buying a trolling motor. 

Offering versatility in all terms, trolling motors can be controlled by either a remote unit or by using hand and foot controls, as preferred by the angler. How the boats needs to be controlled usually depends on the comfort ability of the person controlling it, but for fishermen who spend most of the time moving and casting, it is recommended that they must use hands free method of controlling the boat. However, for anglers who fish in a small and sedated spot, it is acceptable to use a hand or foot controlled motor that does not require automation.

You can either buy a fixed or a variable speed motor depending on your needs. Fixed speed motors come with pre-set forward and reverse speed options, whereas variable speed motors allow you infinite speed control and you can set the speed according to your needs hence offering precise controls. Variable speed motors are also considered more efficient than fixed speed motors in terms of battery usage, and are capable of running for long periods of time on a single charge battery. The variable trolling motors are referred to as 'digital motors' by MotorGuide, whereas Minn Kota refers to them as 'Digital Maximizer'. This technology simply means that the variable motors are engineered to give maximum life from a single charge battery, hence, any variable motor bought from Minn Kota or MotorGuide will offer great battery life. The battery life of trolling motors can now be checked by just the click of a button, hence allowing you to keep a check on the remaining battery power and timing yourself accordingly. Apart from that, both Minn Kota and Motor Guide offer CoPilot, that is a wireless remote control system enables the angler to control the mounted trolling motor from anywhere on the boat. You can also adjust the direction and speed of the trolling motor using the wireless remote. Moreover, i-Pilot technology is used in Minn Kota motors that use GPS to control and guide the trolling motor automatically. Using this technology you can re-trace hot spots and hover over a fishing spot for extended periods of time. I-Pilot in most models comes with built-in AutoPilot that enables the angler to control the boat wirelessly using a remote. As a comeback to Minn Kota's i-Pilot, MotorGuide introduced Pinpoint GPS that is indeed a handy feature while fishing in deep waters. This motor features an anchor that helps to stay steadily at any point. The directional controls of this model can be used to navigate the boat 5 foot around in any direction. The MotorGuide offers a route feature using which you can record and playback at least 10 of the routes that you've taken. Another great feature of the newly built trolling motors is the material used in giving the boat the final touch, that helps to keep the boat from corroding when exposed to salt water for a long time. Minn Kota motors have been given a final layering of premium grade alloys, zinc armoured plating and high quality polyester paint to keep it safe from the corrosive salt water effects. MotorGuide also treats its saltwater motors with special materials to make them more durable. Minn Kota offers shafts that are flexible while being stronger and more durable than steels. These shafts come with a lifeline guarantee not to corrode or break, and hence have a winning edge in the market; whereas MotorGuide offers an extendable tiller that ensures easy and efficient hand control that can be tilted up to 45 degrees with ease and comfort.

Hence there are many different specifications and qualities that differentiate each trolling motor from the other and it is necessary to keep each aspect and feature of trolling motor in mind in order to buy the one that perfectly suits your needs.